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Falling apart. Part 2 of 3.

‘But what can happen over time is this: You wake up one day and realize that you have put yourself back together completely differently’ – G.D. Melton
When things fall apart and I fall apart, and a friend falls apart, the unconscious expectation is that if we do our self-healing work, use the lesson to […]

Falling apart. Part 1 of 3.

‘You can be shattered, and then put yourself back together, piece by piece.’ – G.D. Melton
I believe the art of putting yourself back together is more important than the art of being tough. You are never stronger than life. This is not a wisdom easy to come by. I did start up with a firm […]

Your summer paradise

Find your summer paradise inside you. Slow down, don’t take criticisms personally. Smile more. Take time to look up at the sky, take breaks to step out and let the sun warm your face. You are on an island.

Yes, I know people around you will keep rushing, stressing, pushing. Let water be your inspiration, […]

Mundane mindfulness

The mundane mindful activity is a superpower. If you are having a problem with stopping to smell the flowers, stop to wash dishes, or clean kitty litter. This is a powerful grounding practice, available freely.

Focus your awareness on all senses, notice your thoughts. See, smell, hear, touch without judgement. Your mind will probably supply […]

Mindful listening

Deep Listening is a way of hearing in which we are fully present with what is happening in the moment without trying to control it or judge it. We let go of our inner clamoring and our usual assumptions and listen with respect for precisely what is being said.

For listening to be effective, we require a […]

Best way to negotiate Valentine’s day: BeLove

‘I always hope that loving couples will give each other a priceless gift on this day – some slack. And for single folks? Be your own true love and be kind and loving to yourself.’ – Alison Armstrong

Valentine’s day is approaching with all its glitter, hope, and anxiety. One and only Alison Armstrong observes: […]

How to help a friend release from a toxic relationship


I have been recently contacted by Canadian Living to consult on ways to help out a friend who is in a toxic relationship. It is probably related to the highly publicized case of Jian Gomeshi. Usually media are interested in sound bites, so I thought I will give this complex topic a bit more […]

Happy Holidays! Accepting the imperfection.


‘What would it be like, living without anxiety about imperfection’ – Tara Brach
For this holiday season and the new year may we accept imperfection with joy: imperfection in us, and imperfection in others.
Tara Brach writes:
‘The nature of being human is that we get caught in anger and judgment, hurt and fear. Condemning imperfection binds […]

Daily mindful activity: Mindful shower

Make the daily shower/bath a mindful activity. Slow down and anchor in present sensations, the touch, smell, feel of water, fragrance of the soap, the sight of a steamy room, and sound of water droplets against the walls. Watch your thoughts intruding, taking you out from the present, and gently return your attention to […]

Pain Body and Ego. The illusion of separateness.


“There are two levels of pain: the pain that you create now, and the pain of the past that still lives on in your mind and body. This of course includes the pain that you suffer as a child, caused by the unconsciousness of the world into which you were born. The accumulated pain […]