This year give thanks to your body. This is your vehicle, a part of you that does everything. Without your hands, nothing would be accomplished. Without your brain, there would be no thought. Your heart working tirelessly every second of every minute of every hour of every day of your life. And yet we don’t really appreciate our bodies. We just put more and more demands on it.

This thanksgiving give your body the gift of care. Regardless of the expectations and deadlines. If it wants to walk, or run, or play outside, let it. If it wants to cocoon and rest, let it.

Thank you, body, for doing what you do, for staying with me all my life. We struggle and strive together. We love and hurt, together. You are my most intimate partner. I reach and grasp with your hand. I speak with your lips. I look with your eyes. I understand with your brain. I will respect and care of you gently. Thank you.❤️