Holidays are supposed to be a joyful family time, but for many people they are not. If before the holidays you feel the need to protect your heart, here is an exercise for you:

  • What are my benefits right now from keeping my heart/heart chakra closed?
  • What am I losing right now by keeping my heart/heart chakra closed?
  • Which parts of ‘me’ benefit, which parts feel the sense of loss?
  • What investments do those parts have in keeping my heart/heart chakra open or closed?
  • How does it feel in my body to keep my heart/heart chakra closed?
  • How would it feel in my body to have the heat/heart chakra open?

There are no good or bad answers. Just let what comes be with as little judgement as possible. You also do not need to defend or explain anything. Please take many notes of what presents itself. You may want to do this exercise twice a week, or as many times as you wish. Light a red candle, relax, focus on the flame, put your hand over your heart and reflect on the questions.