About me

My professional life, and perhaps all my adult life, has been dedicated to the pursuit of best emotional healing practices. For over 25 years of practice and education spanning many theories and practical schools (psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy, Rogerian, Gestalt, family systemic, narrative, psychodrama, CBT, energy psychology, mindfulness based, mind-body approaches), different countries (my native Poland, Germany, Sweden and Canada), and universities (MSc in Clinical Psychology from University of Warsaw, Philosophy and Language Certificate from Christian Albrecht University in Kiel, Women’s Studies Certificate from York University in Toronto, PhD in Public Health Sciences from Swedish Royal Medical Institute/Karolinska Institute in Stockholm) my passion for discovering what makes us heal continues. I have presented at international conferences, taught undergraduate programs and my work has been published in scientific and popular journals. I specialize in worry, anxiety, frustration and stress management, with a special interest in women’s life cycles. I am a Registered Psychotherapist in the province of Ontario. 

What to expect

Psychotherapy and counselling are also called the talking cures. And rightfully so. You may expect a fair deal of verbal exchanges during the sessions. Attention will also be paid to your general psychosomatic state through meditation, movement, visualization and hypnosis. Psychotherapy is a co-creative processes facilitating healing of ineffective and energy draining emotional and thought patterns, helping our best selves to emerge fully, and learning best strategies to deal with what life has presented us.

We can meet for any number of sessions, depending on what you would like to accomplish. I offer short programs (5-6 sessions) to develop a better practice of dealing with life annoyances. The therapy to address deeper issues will usually take longer. For example, the best known ‘evidence based’ therapy protocol, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy model, is build on the basis of 10 to 20 sessions. We can also meet for a single consultation if you experience an immediate problem and would like to brainstorm for a solution.

Written assessments and forms
Please be advised that I do not provide written assessments or official forms of any kind. My practice is too small and I do not have any extra administrative time set for that purpose. My practice is strictly treatment oriented and my focus is strictly therapeutic.

Important Information

Information and Consent
I am honoured you have chosen me to support you in this healing process. My intention is to provide a safe space in which healing and growth can take place, new strategies can be explored and all feelings and thoughts are allowed.

Confidentiality and limitations
All sessions will be conducted with the utmost confidentiality. I will keep records of our meetings and store them in a secure manner compliant with all provincial and federal privacy requirements.

There are limitations to the confidentiality. By law, as a psychotherapist/counsellor, I must report to the authorities, or to emergency contacts:
• any possible child abuse in the present,
• any threat to another person’s life,
• any suicide plans,
• abuse by any health professional.
Every effort will be made to resolve the issue before such a breach of confidentiality must take place.

If you experience an emergency, or suicidal thoughts, please seek immediate assistance from your local hospital emergency, suicide hot line, your family doctor, or call 911. CAMH provides a list of helpful contacts: https://toronto.cmha.ca/find-help/ My practice is only part time and I may not be available in a timely manner.

Written assessments and forms
Please be advised that I do not provide written assessments or official forms of any kind. My practice is too small and I do not have any extra administrative time set for that purpose. My practice is strictly treatment oriented and my focus is strictly therapeutic.

Fees and payment


Counselling, psychotherapy and psychological services are not covered by OHIP, you will have to pay for the sessions yourself, however, psychotherapy and psychological services are a part of many extended work health insurance plans, and fees will be reimbursed entirely or partially. Find out from your HR if psychotherapy provided by a registered psychotherapist is a part of your package.

The session’s duration is 50 to 90 minutes, longer for couples or if requested, and the fee $170 for in-person 50 min session, and $150 for an online video consultation. There is no HST.

Cancellation policy

Please, let me know at least 24 hours ahead of any cancellation to allow the time slot to be used for somebody else. The counselling clinic is my passion but also a source of income and evening appointments especially are in demand. If this is an emergency, and you need to cancel at a short notice, life happens. For more than one missed appointment, however, you will be responsible for the full fee.

Why therapy?

Psychotherapy offers reduction in emotional and health costs of life challenges. The objective of therapy is to assist with life transitions, with finding better ways to meet daily events, relate to other people, work, and to create more freedom and peace.Therapy can be a tremendous asset in dealing with emotional issues, interpersonal relationships, family concerns and the difficulties of daily life. It can help us work towards resolution of the problems and challenges we may be facing. We have the ability to heal. You can feel better and proceed with a clearer heart and mind.

The most important process, life, happens between the sessions, and you do the hardest work yourself to adapt the tools to your own life. Practice and tweak. I will email you the most important points, suggestions for formal practices, mindful activities, and other food for thought. Feel free to email me back about your progress, or contact me between the sessions. I will be your most faithful cheerleader.

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