Therapy provides us with the opportunity to explore current difficulties, and their roots, in a safe and supportive environment with the full attention of a therapist.

Anger & Stress Management


Health research shows that prolonged stress has detrimental effect on our health. If you are feeling anxious, angry, frustrated, and have trouble sleeping it is time to regroup.



In a busy, sometimes insane, schedule, take a moment to occupy a space devoted to the art of creating nurturing bonds with people around you. 

Flow in change


Specializing in empowering women through life transitions: first serious relationships, break ups, professional success, marriage, motherhood, loss of a loved one, and menopause. Etc.



If you need an experienced voice by your side to come up with a plan, or understand better an issue in your life, but are not ready to dig deep, come in for a consultation, and see how helpful it can be.

Why therapy?

Why therapy?

Psychotherapy offers reduction in emotional and health costs of life challenges. The objective of therapy is to assist with life transitions, with finding better ways to meet daily events, relate to other people, work, and to create more freedom and peace.