In a busy, sometimes insane, schedule, take a moment to occupy a space devoted to the art of creating nurturing bonds with people around you.  You are invited to a five-week process of deepening your practice of the four elements of love: loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and freedom. Healing your heart from hurt, rejection and abandonment, creating your love signature, healing the relationships present and future.

During the five weeks you will develop your own healing BeLove practice. We will explore the four philosophical concepts of Buddhist elements of love, not as a romantic notion, but as a foundation and binding force of every life. We will address how to masterfully tap into this force, transforming feelings of victimisation, anger, anxiety, isolation, hopelessness.

You will practice BeLove meditations and actions to connect and reawaken.

The five-week program using mindfulness approach will help you in deepening your practice of the four elements of love:

  • presence,
  • compassion,
  • joy,
  • and freedom.

With the practice of mindfulness, often described as compassionate awareness, it becomes easier to notice situations, thoughts, emotions and not be helplessly drawn into them. When we are mindfully aware of ourselves and our surroundings, we are fully present to our own experiences and to others. The practice fortifies us to grow beyond feelings of victimisation, it grounds and nurtures us to make choices that reflect our true values, intentions, and concern for ourselves and others. We can open up safely, joyfully and freely to love.Every week you will delve into new mind-body concepts, formal practices, mindful activities and deepening of philosophical concepts for the week .

Dive in to re-awaken love in your heart, your home, your community. JOIN THE LOVING CHANGE!

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